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Power training of Ectomorph. Major mistakes

Nov 02, 2021
  1. Introduction
  2. Nutriton
  3. Street or gym
  4. Work “to failure” or not
  5. Basic exercises
  6. Rest


Almost all my life is related with various sports. And in most of them I managed to achieve a certain result thanks to my perseverance, skill to learn quickly, and desire to find solutions to non-trivial problems.

As an ectomorph (a person prone to be skinny), I have always wanted my body to look better. And today, analyzing my mistakes over the years, I finally managed to get a physical shape that I am satisfied with.

Роман Ковальчик
My physical shape, 30 years old (on pump)

In this article I want to share my main rules for organizing power training and, as a result, increasing muscle mass.

Let’s go.


Any experienced natural athlete will agree with the statement that nutrition, and not the training process itself, plays the main role in gaining muscle mass. This may seem strange to a beginner, but I have been convinced of the truth of this statement from personal experience.

Only by changing the nutrition system that suits the structure of my body, which is prone to constantly losing weight, I managed to gain about 8 kilograms of muscle mass in a relatively short period of time (less than six months).

That is why I wrote a separate article on the topic of gaining mass for an ectomorph – How to gain weight for an ectomorph? Even on vegetarian diet. I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it if you find it difficult to gain weight and in general it seems to you something impossible, as it once seemed to me.

The first and main mistake is improper nutrition. In the case of an ectomorph, it would be more accurate to say - insufficient.

Street or gym

As a rule, most people who decide to take care of their body choose the street first. It is more comfortable for a beginner, and free.

Pull up bars and parallel bars are undeniably good power training tools. But to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to increase, first of all, the working weights, and not the number of repetitions.


You can, of course, exercise on pull up bars and horizontal bars with additional weight, using a belt or vest. But you are unlikely to be able to always carry the optimal weight along with you, adapting it for each set. Moreover, training the lower body part becomes even more problematic under these conditions. While training your legs is very important.

At one time, I was also a supporter of street workout. But only after regular visits to the gym I got tangible results in gaining muscle mass. From which I conclude that giving preference to exercise on the street instead of the gym is a mistake. Especially for an ectomorph.

It is necessary to give preference to the gym.

Work “to failure” or not

Many of you probably know that for muscle growth (hypertrophy), first the destruction (microcracks) of muscle fibers is necessary, and then the reverse process – healing. It is possible to achieve these microcracks only under one condition – using maximum physical activity on your muscles.

That is why work “to failure” is a prerequisite for increasing muscle mass. At the same time, there are quite a few theorists who dispute this approach. This is very strange for me.

Better look at practitioners – bodybuilders. Notice how they finish each set of each exercise (no matter if they use various prohibited muscle growth stimulants). It seems as if they are about to die. This is what is called “failure”.

Скала - тренировка в зале

My algorithm for any exercise is as follows. These are 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps. Each set is done to failure. In my case, the first approach is the most important and, accordingly, is performed with the heaviest weight.

There is even a so-called one “superset” system by Mike Mentzer, a professional bodybuilder. He proved in practice that even with just one set for one muscle group during workout performed “to failure”, you can achieve excellent results.

Exercises must be performed to failure.

Basic exercises

The more difficult the exercise is, the better the result will be. The complexity of the execution depends on the number of muscle fibers involved (muscle volume) on which the load is performed. Most of the muscle fibers are located in thigh. That is why, for example, the squat and deadlift are considered and in fact are some of the most difficult exercises.

Never skip a leg day 😩. Here it is not only about building the muscles of thigh itself, but also in the production of hormones that will positively affect other muscles as well.

Squatting will give you a lot of testosterone. Therefore, it is highly desirable to love it (squatting), along with other basic exercises.

It is necessary to include basic exercises.


Not getting enough rest is another very common mistake for beginners. To progress in strength and muscle building, you need to do quality workouts, as discussed in the section about “failure”. But it is equally important that during the break between workouts, the muscles have time to recover.

The most popular training program is considered to be the 3 Day Split Workout. This program involves three workouts per week, each of which is aimed at a specific muscle group. The point is to train one muscle group once a week. And thus give muscle fibers a week to recover, before the next workout.

But even using such a split program, over time, you will stop progressing. Once this happens, try taking an even longer break between workouts on one muscle group. As strange as it may sound, a two-week break between workouts of one muscle group is normal, and even necessary over time.

It is very difficult to rest too much. Conversely, insufficient rest and incomplete recovery are the reasons for the absence of progress.

That’s all. Share your experience in organizing power training and muscle gain in the comments.

Be kind, and take care of your lower back.

Nov 02, 2021
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