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How to gain weight for an ectomorph? Even on a vegetarian diet

Aug 30, 2021
  1. Ectomorph
  2. Will work even being a vegetarian
  3. My experience
  4. How to drink Gainer
  5. Will I start losing weight after stopping drinking Gainer with Creatine?
  6. Conclusions, disadvantages

“I can’t eat as many calories as I need, so I drink them in the form of shakes and smoothies.”

Patrick Babumyan,
the strongest man in Germany


Long story short, an ectomorph is a skinny person with pretty thin bones, a minimal percentage of subcutaneous fat and a constant desire to gain weight. It is quite difficult to achieve the latter. But it is very easy to become even skinnier – you just need to skip a meal once.

Another indirect indicator of an ectomorph is that you never want to have breakfast. Since the very morning your body hints that it feels good, and it would be nice to lose even some more weight.

Chewing and swallowing additional food in this case, despite the resistance of the “full” stomach will be very problematic. So additional calories should be drunk.

But despite all the obvious disadvantages of an ectomorph’s physique, there is still one significant advantage. Our body will always be shredded. Well, probably almost always.

Will work even being a vegetarian

Welcome the strongest man in Germany, Patrik Baboumian. He has been a strict vegetarian for many years, excluding eggs and dairy products.

In most cases, ectomorphs should not listen to the advice of people with such genetic. But still one piece of advice from this strongman became the starting point in weight gain for me personally. And you probably already understood which one.

Patrik Baboumian, Germany's Strongest Man, Vegan
Patrik Baboumian, Germany’s Strongest Man, Vegan

My experience

At the time of publication of this article, I am 30 years old, height 186 cm. Within six months I managed to gain 8 kg, without eating meat (almost). By the way, exercise is an essential part of weight gain for an ectomorph. In our case, muscle mass is easier to gain than fat.

An article about the training process will be published in the near future. Subscribe to the newsletters so as not to miss it.

Roman Kovalchik - plus 8 kg within six months, being vegetarian
+8 kg within six months, being a vegetarian
The author of the article is not a nutritionist and everything written is a description of personal experience, which is not a call to action. Check with a qualified healthcare professional before testing anything on yourself.


– What to drink?

Slow Carb Gainer + Creatine Monohydrate

– When?

– Every day at least 2 times, preferably in the morning and before bedtime

What is the difference between slow and fast carbs and what is the advantage of the first – easy to find on the Internet. Gainer is a good source of calories, micro and macronutrients, but not a substitute for a balanced diet.

Gainer is not a substitute for a balanced diet.

Shortly about Creatine – additional intake not only has a good effect on the muscles of the body, but also on brain activity. As usual – Google is your friend.

How to drink Gainer

My choice of the slow carb gainer is SAN Mass Effect Revolution. The best tastes are chocolate and vanilla, the worst is strawberry.

Slow Carb Gainer Mass Effect Revolution

Slow Carb Gainer Mass Effect Revolution

Gainers are sold in powder form and must be mixed with liquid before consuming. To improve the taste and increase calories, it is better to use milk instead of water. I prefer soy one. It absorbs well by the body and contains a large amount of protein.

The choice of creatine, in my opinion, does not play a significant role. Take any with a good reputation.

Drink Gainer with a portion of Creatine (3-6 grams) in the morning before or immediately after breakfast. You should have enough time to get hungry before lunch.

In the evening, drink a Gainer after the last meal of the day an hour and a half before bedtime, without Creatine. Determine the portion of the Gainer according to your feelings, preventing discomfort in any form. I drink one measuring spoon in the morning and two before bedtime. A measuring spoon is included in each Gainer package.

Have never used any calories calculators and think this idea is pointless.

Give preference to healthy food, with the obligatory consuming of vegetables and fruits, preferably organic.

Will I start losing weight after stopping drinking Gainer with Creatine?

Recently, I had to give up Gainer and Creatine for about two months. The same was with any other milkshakes, including training in the gym, because of a business trip. At the same time, I lost only 1.5 kg out of 8 gained. An excellent result, I think.

According to the experience of other people who have consumed a Gainer based on fast carbs, weight is losing much faster after giving up the latter.

Creatine is advised to drink in courses, taking breaks for several months. While there are athletes who drink it all year round. I drink it at random to be honest.

Conclusions, disadvantages

In order to gain weight being ectomorph, you should firstly increase the daily dose of calories. This is easy to manage if, instead of chewing food, drink it in the form of a cocktail – a Gainer on slow carbs, with milk. Creatine monohydrate is also a good supplement.

As always, there are some drawbacks, here are a few:

  • extra calories = extra costs
  • along with weight gaining, physical endurance will drop. You will be slower at running long distances now, get tired faster, and this is not only due to a couple of new kilograms, but rather due to the fact that the body will begin to spend more resources on digesting and assimilating food
  • skin is one of the filters of our body. The state of which is definitely related to nutrition. An increase in calories can affect its appearance, especially if you are prone to acne. In this regard it is worth giving preference to plant based milk instead of regular one

That’s all. Share your opinion and experience in the comments.

Be kind.

Aug 30, 2021
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