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Blind typing. Right way to learn

Sep 13, 2021
  1. Introduction
  2. Wrong way to learn
  3. The best simulator
  4. Next steps


Blind typing is a way to input text using the keyboard without looking at the keys. The main advantage of this method is speed. The learning process itself develops muscle memory and has a positive effect on the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Today I can type without looking at keyboard with about 300 characters per minute. That’s not a big deal. But I do it at the same speed in two alphabets – Cyrillic and Latin. That is, when typing, I can quite easily switch from Russian to English and vice versa.

Blind typing skill will definitely increase your productivity when working with a computer, no matter what kind of activity you are engaged in.

I am surprised to see my fellow programmers with many years of experience still look at the keys during code writing. Doing this for 8 hours a day.

Monkey typing

Speed will always be one of the most valuable skills in any job. And if you deal with a computer, but still look at the keyboard when typing, then this article is for you.

Wrong way to learn

I made my first attempt to master blind typing in my school years. The Internet at that time was poorly developed, so I decided to use the simulator, which was the first to come across.

The second attempt was made at the institute. For some reason, I thought that by studying in exactly the same way as before, I could achieve a different result.

Both attempts were unsuccessful. And not only for me, but for all my acquaintances who also tried to master this skill.

Why not all simulators work

It’s all about the learning algorithm. And as you already understood, most simulators do not do it well. Having opened the “bad” simulator, you will see something like the following:

An example of a wrong way of learning blink typing
An example of a wrong way of learning blind typing

Such an algorithm is based on the constant typing repetition of the same symbols. At the same time, the number of errors made is strictly limited. That is, when you press the wrong key several times, you will have to start tedious work from the very beginning. Thus, you can stay on the same exercise forever.

If you have never done something like this, then here is the outcome. The brain begins to boil even at the first levels of difficulty. As a result, an attempt to master the skill of blind typing is postponed indefinitely.

The best simulator

Meet the blind typing simulator, which can really be called ingenious. Keep in mind that everything ingenious is simple.

VerseQ – an amazing keyboard simulator that made touch typing accessible to everyone.

Blind typing simulator VerseQ
Blind typing simulator VerseQ

This simulator is originally developed in Russian language, but it contains Latin alphabet levels as well. Use it or find a blind typing simulator with a similar learning algorithm.

Perseverance always finds its reward. Therefore, my attempts to master the blind typing method were ultimately crowned with success.

All the advantages of the VerseQ simulator are perfectly described on the official website, and I am ready to subscribe to every word. Here I just want to highlight the most important thing.


VerseQ learning method eliminates stress. On the contrary, working with VerseQ promotes psychological relaxation.

– Like an experienced teacher, VerseQ doesn’t punish mistakes. On the contrary, helps to work them out and consolidate the correct skills by composing individual exercises in a special way.

The learning process is formed as following. A randomly generated line of text appears in front of you. That is the line you should type. Also on the screen you will see a keyboard with color zones for each finger of both hands. The picture of a keyboard will need to be hidden in the future.

There is no limit on the number of errors. Each new line is generated based on your mistakes from the previous typed line. This is what makes the learning process much more interesting and comfortable.

All that remains for you is the pleasure of spending at least half an hour a day on training, and wondering how the muscle memory of your fingers works.

The result will appear faster than you expect.

Man smiling. Keyboard

Next steps

After you can confidently type at least 250 characters per minute on the highest difficulty, you can stop using the simulator.

To continue to improve your skill, you now need to work with “real” texts.

It’s no secret that learning in the form of a game brings the maximum effect, and a competitive format gives additional motivation. So I used free online resource called Klavogonki. Here you can type texts in a game format, competing with other participants. And again, the resource is originally in Russian, but you can find English text there as well.

Be prepared to come across users who are typing at 600-700 characters per minute 😮 Let this serve as additional motivation for you, because you always have to compete with an opponent who is stronger than you [… and other motivational speech].

That’s all. Share your experiences and tips for learning blind typing in the comments.

Be kind.

Sep 13, 2021
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